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Cardinal Systems Introduces New Thermoplastic Step

February 25th, 2014 | Product Announcements, News

Schuylkill Haven, PA – Cardinal Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of steel and polymer in-ground swimming pool walls and components, is excited to announce the newest addition to its product line: the Cardinal Step. Engineered with the builder in mind, the brace-to-tread support system reaches the next level in thermoplastic stairs with improved strength, high quality, and easy installation.

The Cardinal Step has many unique features that set it apart from anything else in the industry. First and foremost, is the use of the highest quality materials. The thermoplastic sheet is the thickest used in the industry. The braces and tread supports are made of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene).  The step also has the company’s patented TLC® (Total Liner Care). The rounded corners on the faceplate protect the liner and swimmers from sharp edges inside the pool.

The tread support extends the entire width of the stair, with extra support for the bottom tread. The support is manufactured with molded channels for maximum strength. For twin seat models, Cardinal developed a unique brace extension that provides additional support for the seating areas.

The brace has a continuous I-beam structure and web design that eliminates weak areas found in earlier brace systems. Six-foot models are designed with three braces and the 8-foot models have five braces for ultimate support.

The step is designed to be easily assembled in the field.  The brace-to-tread attachment is a quick, one-step process that doesn’t require any tools or adhesive. The brace has fastening clips that insert into sockets on the tread support. With one “click”, it is securely locked into place. Each brace has four points of connection, matching up with each tread, assuring that it stays connected when flipping the step and while the concrete is being poured.

Many builders use tube forms (Sonotubes®) for all their installations, and cantilever models require them, for additional deck support. For added convenience, Cardinal molded a tube attachment onto the top and bottom of the brace itself. With one quick twist, the tube is securely in place, perfectly aligned and ready for the concrete fill. The rebar openings are strategically located for ground and brace-to-brace reinforcement.

The step is available in the most popular 6- and 8-foot, 4-tread models – straight, radius, cantilever, and twin seat.  In addition to the white thermoplastic, the cantilever models are also available in blue granite and gray granite for added design choices.

For the builder’s and the homeowner’s peace of mind, the company offers the step with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, one-time transferable.

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