Cardinal Systems Inc.

Z Poolform

Z Poolform™ by Cardinal Systems, Inc. is a unique, reusable system that is the easiest and most economical way to finish your pool project with an attractive concrete deck.

Easy to use, cost-effective, and timesaving, the forms can be used with vinyl liner, gunite, and fiberglass pools. The three-part system consists of two PVC forms and a form liner that interlock for a safe, efficient, and decorative concrete finish. The eight-foot forms are available in straight lengths and notched pieces to accommodate any freeform style, conforming to radii as small as six inches.

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Z Poolform Liner – Bullnose

The bullnose edge provides a smooth, rounded profile. For a clean yet decorative edge, this will do the job.

Z Poolform Liner – Bullnose Slate

Get an artisanal look of a chiseled slate edge with a bullnose profile.

Z Poolform Liner – Bullnose Travertine

Travertine has a rustic appeal which enhances the look of this bullnose edge.

Z Poolform Liner – Chiseled Slate

This liner will give you a artisanal look and deep contrast of a chiseled slate edge.

Z Poolform Liner – Chiseled Stone

The chiseled stone gives you the look of a stone cutter’s edge. Rugged, yet elegant, like a fine sculpture.

Z Poolform Liner – Square

Looking for a clean looking profile? This liner will give you a smooth flat edge.

Showing 11–16 of 16 results