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Cardinal Systems Showcases New Products and Offerings for 2024

We utilized the ‘off season’ as a time to research current trends and the demand in our respective markets and put plans together to be able to offer the products and pool systems that would meet the demands of the industry. As pool season is now in full swing, we are excited to share our new ideas and innovations and track how they gain momentum into the summer.

Cardinal and Fox Pool opened the 2024 season by showcasing previews of our new products at the Atlantic City Pool and Spa Show.

All mentioned products generated interest and discussion from visitors, dealers, and distributors alike. They have since been launched to the public, and are being promoted and supported by our Sales Teams and Dealers through the US and Canada.

Cardinal has also more recently launched and released its first plunge pool collection,

which offers kits for Rectangle, Oval, and Oasis builds in multiple sizes, considerably smaller than an average Cardinal Pool.

Fox Pool and Spa Services started off their new and improved season with more offerings for our retail customers in York and Schuylkill Haven.

To generate new business and provide an updated experience for our existing customer base, FPSS is now proud to offer a three-tiered pool sale structure:

This allows customers freedom and flexibility to choose an inground pool or upgrades that suits their budget, landscape requirements, and personal style.

As we continue to receive feedback and learn of product trends and demand, Cardinal Systems, Inc. actively works to innovate and progress into the future. We are excited to see what 2024 has in store for us. For more on our Divisions and their respective products/offerings, please visit our websites:

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