Poolform Liners

The Poolform liner is a flexible rubber insert that is grooved at the top so it will lock firmly into the back piece. The form liner is interchangeable to give you a selection of different edge profiles and textures to tie in with your hardscape design:  Square, Bullnose, Bullnose Slate, Bullnose Travertine, Bermuda (French Curve), Chiseled Stone, and Chiseled Slate. These popular textured edges match most deck stamps on the market and eliminate extra work to create a seamless appearance.

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Z Poolform Liner – Bermuda (French Curve)

One of the most popular looks in pool coping edges. The Bermuda or French curve give you an elegant curve to finish the edge of your concrete deck.

Z Poolform Liner – Bullnose

The bullnose edge provides a smooth, rounded profile. For a clean yet decorative edge, this will do the job.

Z Poolform Liner – Bullnose Slate

Get an artisanal look of a chiseled slate edge with a bullnose profile.

Z Poolform Liner – Bullnose Travertine

Travertine has a rustic appeal which enhances the look of this bullnose edge.

Z Poolform Liner – Chiseled Slate

This liner will give you a artisanal look and deep contrast of a chiseled slate edge.

Z Poolform Liner – Chiseled Stone

The chiseled stone gives you the look of a stone cutter’s edge. Rugged, yet elegant, like a fine sculpture.

Z Poolform Liner – Square

Looking for a clean looking profile? This liner will give you a smooth flat edge.

Showing all 7 results