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A division of Cardinal Systems, Inc.

Quaker Plastics is known for making the highest quality plastic products.

Quaker Plastics is a wide range of products including pool steps, deck and paver drains and many custom-designed items.

For over 35 years, Quaker Plastics has produced stairs, liner locks and other items for the swimming pool industry, deck drains, paver drains, and control joints for the concrete construction market, and specialty items for industrial and consumer products.

Our well-trained, multi-talented staff can take on the toughest jobs and provide engineering solutions, proven by a history of exclusive and innovative products. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Quaker Plastics is known for making the highest quality plastic products.

Z Poolform

Z Poolform™ by Cardinal Systems, Inc. is a unique, reusable system that is the easiest and most economical way to fini…

Deck/Paver Drains

Quaker Plastics’ line of deck and drains are designed to last longer. Made of all-weather, rigid PVC and available in …

Control Joint / Accent Strip

Control Joint - - Quaker Plastics’ patented ArrowheadTM Control Joint has a unique arrow-shape that presses easily int…

    Discharge Hose

    Quaker Plastics boasts the highest-quality vinyl discharge hose in the industry – 20% thicker than the competition. Th…


      Quaker Plastics has an accessory product line available for additional needs specific to the pool industry.…

      Renovation Products

      Cardinal has an array of products for repair and upsell during renovation projects. …