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Schuylkill Haven, PA – Cardinal Systems Inc., manufacturer of steel and polymer wall pool panels, is pleased to announce the addition of Devin Cahn Associates Inc to our sales team. They will be handling the complete product line of Cardinal Systems including Quaker Plastics deck drains and components in the South Central, Northeast, West and Florida territories.

Devin Cahn Associates Inc has been in the swimming pool industry for over 30 years and are well known in the industry. This makes them a perfect fit for Cardinal Systems, Inc.’s extensive product lines in the industry.

Cardinal Systems, Inc. has been a leader in the pool industry for over 40 years. We continue to reinvest in our business with our newest product line, Sierra Outdoor Designs, which consists of modular kitchen cabinetry and components. Our other products include: steel and polymer pool components, liner track and coping, deck drains, thermoformed steps and liner bead, and a reusable cantilever concrete deck system.